Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans

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When I was studiously tackling my sociology and social policy degree at university, me and my other learned housemates decided to take it upon ourselves to build an impressive construct (pyramid, if you were wondering) out of as many different beer cans that we could happen across in our local budget off-license. As it transpired, there was a deal on in the shop and, lamentably, this meant our beer can pyramid only consisted of two different types of beer can (Stones Best Bitter and John Smiths) and, needless to say, given we intended to build a tower in excess of 6 foot, we were smashed after an hour or so which, of course, meant the pyramid never came to fruition and hangovers were plentiful the following morning. However, if, as a household, we had the exceptionally awesome Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans Book, we would have been able to find a much more eclectic and impressive selection of beer cans to use as our bricks and motar which would have probably kept interest levels in the pyramid higher and not just until an episode of Jerry Springer came on TV we decided to all do some work towards our dissertations.

Beer Cans Poster

Not going to lie, a drop of Robin Hood’s Cream doesn’t sound all that appetising.

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