Mr Bingo Hate Mail Book

Hate Mail Book

There’s nothing like improving a bad mood by spreading it around. I’m a complete dick, it goes without saying, and I love to spread misery wherever possible and when I’m away on my holidays, I don’t sit around the pool, enjoying the sunshine and drinking exotic cocktails. No, sir, I sit in my room composing hate mail postcards to random celebrities and that. It’s a good way to spend a holiday, that’s for sure – extremely cathartic. There is obviously other curmudgeonly folk out there who enjoy this pastime too if this excellent (by which I mean deeply profane) Hate Mail Book by Mr Bingo is anything to go by. He patently has more drawing skills than me but we’ve both perfected our poison penmanship to a tee. Looking forward to the Maldives this summer – hear it’s beautiful for writing hate mail.

Mr Bingo Hate Mail

Bingo hate mail

Hate mail postcard

I’ve had a few tins of this. Tastes pretty bitter.

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