All the Buildings in New York Book

All the Buildings in New York Book

I’ve been to New York and, suffices to say, it’s pretty big so it’s no mean feat to endeavour to draw all of its building but that is an undertaking that James Gulliver Hancock has had a crack at with the rather brilliant looking All the Buildings in New York: That I’ve Drawn So Far Book which captures the Big Apple in all its glory. When it comes to actual artwork or drawing per se, I have all the ability of a retarded monkey but when it comes to doodling I am simply beyond compare so I’ve decided to take my lead from this brilliant illustrative book and do one of my own entitled “All the Buildings in Bolton: That I Managed to Draw Before Angering the Locals and they Chased me off with Pitchforks”. It’s a bit of a wordy title admittedly but my publisher and I* are working on a new one that is more consumer friendly.

* I don’t currently have representation but I’m on the lookout. Word of warning, however, my rider for public appearances is both extensive and unreasonable.

New York Book

New York Building Book

This two page example already has many, many more drawings of buildings than my entire book has which, truth be told, isn’t a glowing endorsement of my efforts.

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