Crap I Bought on Ebay Book

ebay book

I must confess that at times I mindlessly trawl the depths of eBay to what sort of stupid shit people are trying to sell and, conversely, how big an idiot market there is trying to snap this junk up and, it turns out, the answer to these questions, in respective order, is “weird, stupid shit” and “a large idiot market”. Clearly, I’m not the only chap who enjoys a spot of eBay show and tell as someone has seen fit to release a whole book on the subject entitled Crap I Bought on eBay.

Needless to say, you’ve got all your common crap like a creepy as shit clown santa and your less common fare like a stuffed bandito beaver. It never ceases to amaze me some of the mind-boggingly terrible and outright weird tat that ends up on eBay but I guess that if you hold an auction that any loon with an email address can attend, this is what will happen. This top notch Crap I Bought on eBay Book is a celebration of the bonkers, yet strangely brilliant, stuff that Cary McNeal and Beverly Jenkins managed to accumulate on the world famous online auction platform. I almost bought some live bees on eBay once. Not really relevant but an interesting aside, I think.


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