Encyclopaedia of Immaturity

Encyclopedia of Immaturity

My own personal seven deadly sins are entirely different from the norm. I don’t give a shit about any of the conventional sins like gluttony, sloth, pride et al – mine are much more bog-standard i.e. boozing, being fat (sloth, I guess), stupidity and, most importantly in this case, immaturity. I am, and I don’t think anyone will defend me on this one, a pathetic man-child and a deeply immature individual.

I find swearing funny, I will laugh endlessly, and unashamedly, when watching a cat do some stupid shit or other on YouTube and I’m generally an all-round immature chap. With this in mind, my attention has naturally been drawn to this great looking book which goes by the name of The Encyclopaedia of Immaturity and it could, quite legitimately, been written about me (I should probably point out, to avoid pissing the¬†actual¬†authors off, that it wasn’t written by me). Most people will grow out of their child-like immaturity but the fact that I’m now 31 years of age and still find the most childish of happenstances deeply humorous seems to suggest that, much in the same way as Tupac was a Thug 4 Life, I’m going to be immature for life. Might need to gangster that up a bit though.


I don’t need any help to do this.

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