Fill in the Blank Inspirational Sketchbook

Fill in the Blank Sketchbook

I’m a very inspirational kind of fellow. If you can’t learn something from me then, chances are, it’s not worth learning. At least that’s what I tell the dedicated members of my flock. That’s right. I’ve started a cult. It’s going pretty well so far, just got them running errands and that. Pretty sweet deal. It’s a bit like Scientology I guess (if my site suddenly goes down tomorrow, you’ll know why. The Scientologists have shot my hosting provider with their ray-guns). What a weird angle I’ve gone off on again. I should probably try harder to get my posts on the rails. Anyway, basically, what I’m saying is that I’m an inspirational leader but as with most of the world’s greatest leaders (I’m looking at you George W Bush) I invariably need a bit of catalyst to get the inspirational juices flowing and that’s why I plan to invest in the awesome Fill In The Blank Inspirational Sketchbook above. This will give me the opportunity to commit all my finest inventive ideas to paper i.e. my alchemy machine (alchemy has to do with alcohol, right)?

Fill in the Blank

I think this book might just be telling me what I want to hear. But I am a genius. So, it’s fine.

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