Gatsby Cocktail Book

gatsby cocktails

If you came out of a recent showing of The Great Gatsby and thought to yourself “Well, it looked like everyone had a jolly good time back then” – you’re quite correct. But this is because Gatsby et al were completely smashed 95% of the time on fancy Prohibition era cocktails which, ironically, invariably contained considerably more hooch than would otherwise be the case.

If you’ve got designs on having as much fun as Jay Gatsby, all you really need to do is quaff a shit-tonne of cocktails from 1920’s New York and then, just like that, you’re a rich, handsome, successful man with a bevvy of beauties at your beck and call – in your mind’s eye, at least (in reality, you will likely have over-indulged in the Absinthe and be drooling in a gutter surrounded by pick-pocket pigeons). But, if you’re anything like me, you have the first idea how to make a cocktail, Prohibition era or otherwise. The extent of my cocktail capabilities is putting an ice cube in my Guinness (if I’m driving).

Well, don’t worrry, this awesome Gatsby Cocktails Book from Firebox has got us both covered. Filled with a load of delicious sounding concoctions, this exemplary guide on how to get smashed 1920’s style will make a very welcome addition to the other cook bo0k I have in my kitchen – said cook book being the microwave operating manual just FYI.

gatsby drinks

Word of warning – a “dash” does not mean pint.

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