A Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails

Gentleman's Guide to Cocktails

I’m certainly partial to the odd tipple and whilst I seldom stray from my staple of Guinness, I’m looking to branch out into the world of cocktails and I think this might just be the sherpa to guide me along this perilous path. The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails by Alfred Tong is probably the book Don Draper would have written if he wasn’t too busy smoking, womanising and making grown men cry with compelling copywriting skills. Alas, the concept of a cocktail has taken a dramatic turn for the worse since Don’s day and the only “cocktails” that today’s gent will have heard of are Vodka Redbulls or Jack Daniels and Coke. This is a lamentable shame and one that Tong’s book will hope to rectify. I’m not going to lie, I know very little of cocktails but I’d be only too happy to have a crack at some of the corkers listed in this book such as the whisky sours and the wonderfully monikered “Under the Broadwalk” cocktails. Unleash your inner Draper and impress the ladyfolk with your knowledge of cocktails.*

* Disclaimer: This may also require you to become as suave, sophisticated and well-dressed as Don, however.

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More like the GEEKS guide to cocktails! What’s with the glasses poindexter?! Banter.

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