Hip Hop Colouring Book

hip hop colour

Having grown up on the mean, blood-soaked streets of the Peak District, it’s safe to say that I’m about as gangster as it gets. I ran in some pretty brutal gangs as a youth – you name it, we did it. Cow tipping, underage drinking (17), feet up on the bus, cycling on the pavement – general bad-ass stuff. It was little wonder that Derbyshire Constabulary had a picture of our gang, El Banditos, up on their Most Wanted wall.

Well, I had thought that my gangster days were in the past but it all came flooding back when I came across this awesome Hip Hop Colouring Book which expertly couples my, fairly contradictory, loves of busting caps and colouring in. Needless to say, someone who has lived a thug life like me doesn’t go in for all that colouring between the lines bullshit. I colour where I want in whatever colour I want and if the federales have a problem with that, they can take it up with my court appointed lawyer.

So, not going to lie, I coloured Snoop in like a dog and then someone told me that he’s a lion now or some shit. Threw my colour scheme right out the window and pissed me right off.


You won’t look so notorious when I colour you in pink.

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