Manly Marks Book

Manly Marks Book

To be honest, I’m probably the manliest man alive – I taught Bear Grylls everything he knows, I gave Abe Lincoln beard growing tips and I’m incredibly tough in general but, as with all things, there’s always room for improvement. With this in mind, I’ve decided that I may well be in requirement of this top notch Manly Marks Book which will take my considerable manliness to the next level with a series of accomplishments and tasks aimed at ramping up my testicular fortitude to Chuck Norris levels. So, I’m going to get myself a copy of this fantastic looking book, which is hand-printed by the chap who created it, and forcibly cram it into my Kindle before heading into the woods and faffing about like a caveman, living off the land, catching my own food and creating fire. Until it gets too cold and that and I head home to my flat with my hot water bottle and bed socks. Bed socks are manly too if you wear them whilst eating bacon.

Manly Marks Beard

It is, perhaps, slightly discouraging that I can’t even do the SECOND thing in this Manly Marks Book – doesn’t bode well for the remainder.

Manly Marks Poster

At least I can hang the Manly Marks poster on my wall which will give the illusion of manliness, if nothing else.

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