Little People in the City Book

Little People in the City Book

I’m incredibly self-involved and I have very little awareness of anything that goes on that isn’t directly related to me in some way and that’s why it came as a bit of shock when I read this brilliant Little People in the City Book and came to realise that there’s a load of little chaps running around our pavements and cities doing this and that. I had previously discounted this activity around my feet as being of the insect variety but turns out it was a far more intelligent entity (that’s right ants, I’m calling you thick as shit). Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a Borrowers infestation in my flat (not covered on your home insurance just FYI – I dealt with them the old fashioned style i.e. burnt my flat down) but I didn’t realise that these little people had replicated to such an extent that a book on their antics had become necessary. Well, as it turns out, these little chaps are all over the shop and just go about their daily business of going after big game (in their case, bees) and just chilling out and that.

Update: Turns out they don’t like the term “Little People” and prefer the term “Miniatures” – I had a call from their lawyers.

Little People

Turns out Nessie isn’t such an elusive dickhead when it comes to miniatures (you’re welcome, lawyers).

Fly little people

In the fly’s defence, this knob was jaywalking – had it coming.

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