T Rex Trying Book

T Rex Trying Book

It’s a real shame that dinosaurs weren’t astroid resistant because they seem like a reet good bunch of lads. I have a particular affinity for the T-Rex because of his affliction of being all mean and that but having stumpy little arms which failed to back up his aggressive streak. It’s a pity that films like Jurassic Park have given a somewhat blinkered view of the sort of shit that dinosaurs got up to with most of today’s youth thinking they just chased humans and that but, in actuality, they had all the same menial day to day struggles that we face today – and these trials and tribulations have been documented in the corking T-Rex Trying Book by Hugh Murphy. If you thought that T-Rex would be good at DIY then prepare to be surprised….


They were shit.

t rex pogo

I feel the poor chap’s pain – I tried to use a pogo stick once. Still convelescing.

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