Rite in the Rain Notebook

Rite in the Rain notebook

I do believe that it was Ernest Hemingway who uttered the immortal line of “Write drunk, edit sober“. It is pretty much a mantra that I live my life by (with the exception of the “sober” part). Anyhow, the process of drunk writing, or “Driting” as I like to call it is invariably a messy one and, more often than not, you’ll wake up in a gutter / bush / dumpster / tree / SAW IV-esque basement dungeon / dog kennel / external hallway of your flat (so close) / a ferry covered in (what you hope is) your own vomit. Needless to say, any driter worth his salt will need his writing receptacle to be made of sterner stuff and that, sir, is why I chose to do all my drunken writing in this top-notch Rite in the Rain Notepad. I was, of course, delighted to come across this brilliant piece of stationary because all the other pads that I have driting road-tested in the past have invariably had the disclaimer “Not suitable for use by Driters” on their rear and, true to their word, said pads seldom lasted beyond a single drunken writing session and would be a tattered, vomit-soaked mess by sunrise. Well, the awesome Rite in the Rain Notepad is a considerably more hardy soul and has, so far, lasted a, quite frankly miraculous, five driting sessions which, if it were a Gladiator, would earn it a thumbs up from Caesar and a cushty retirement package with a shit tonne of grapes and that.


Much in the same way as Jesus, Rite in the Rain Notepads were born in a stable.

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