Star Wars Cook Book

Star Wars Cook Book

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet – my immense capabilities at everything, ever, speaks for itself. But, I’m not going to lie, I find cooking an absolute piece of piss. I just toss a load of stuff into a frying pan and magic happens. I open my own restaurant and became the youngest Michelin starred chef in the history of burger vans. Well, the basic, and roundabout, upshot of this story is that I have conquered every type of cuisine on planet Earth so I’ve decided to take my cookery skills intergalactic with this rather spiffing Star Wars Cook Book which will expand my cooking skills to Tatooine and the Death Star and that. I cooked for Vader before. He was a tough crowd but said that my cheesy beans on toast were, and I quote, “delectable”. Left a pretty hefty tip if I recall. And killed the valet.

Star Wars Burgers

Star Wars Burrito

There not Greedo’s. There MINE! Piss off Greedo.

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