Texts from Dog Book

Texts from Dog Book

I think most dog owners think that, if they had opposable thumbs and the capacity for rational thought, that their dogs would send them texts. Well, it turns out someone’s dog¬†does have these capabilities and she has been nice enough to write a book about it in the form of Texts From Dog. Dogs are funny. They do stupid shit. And, I for one, would love to know what they get up to when I’m out of the house and they’ve got free reign over the joint. Well, I need wonder no longer because this fantastically enlightening book ¬†sheds light on their wacky antics when left to their own devices. October Jones is clearly a modern day whistle-blower and, from what I hear, the dogs are mad as shit that this expose on their private lives has been spread about everywhere. Well, don’t eat crap from the bin then, dog, and we won’t spill the beans on you. In all seriousness though, it is ridiculous how much I want this book.

texts from dog

texts from dog 2

Dogs are notorious ‘Drink ‘n’ Diallers’ so don’t be surprised when they phone you from a random dumpster requesting extraction.

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