1-1 Scale Model Aston Martin

Scale Model Aston Martin

As a child, I was once tasked with putting together a Airfix model of a Spitfire plane and, safe to say, the end results were far from impressive (let’s just say, I ended up glued to the table and leave it at that). Despite this one and only foray into the glamorous world of model making ending in what can only be described as a spectacular (and inexplicable) failure, I’ve decided that the time is nigh for me to step once more into the arena of model making. I’m hunting much larger game on this occasion, however, with the rather impressive looking 1-1 Scale Model of a 1959 Aston Martin above. I can’t really see what could possibly go wrong with me endeavouring to put this bad boy together – the fact that I’ve failed at LITERALLY every piece of DIY I’ve ever attempted not withstanding. This will be my Everest and I will conquer it.

Update: I gave up.

Aston Martin

It goes without saying that my attempt looked nothing like this. Had more of a written-off Smart Car vibe about it.

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