Bufalino One Person Camper APE


Vehicles have got lazy of late. Sure, they’ve got steering wheels, pedals, windows and that. But have they got beds, lampshades, laptops, wardrobes and and a single ladle hanging on a hook? No, sir, they have not. As people of my age are entirely incapable of getting themselves on the property ladder of late, we’ve had to scale back our expectations somewhat and, I predict (and I’m famed for the accuracy of my predictions), that most of us will be living in one of these brilliant Bufalino One Person Camper APE vehicles before the end of 2013 as opposed to the more conventional two up, two down home. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t particularly mind that – you drive around for a bit, have a little kip, play with your ladle and check your emails and that. Living the dream.

bufalino 2

Hmmm – I can’t help but think that a collision with something even as insubstantial as, say, a badger will render my Bufalino a write off given that it looks as though it’s predominantly a cardboard construct.

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