Firefly Vehicle


ET was, obviously, a pretty solid film but the were plot holes aplenty in my eyes. My biggest qualm was the fact they never really explained how ET got to earth in the first place (it probably was clearly explained but I’ve not seen it in ages and can’t remember so going to assume that it wasn’t). Well, I obviously can’t be sure but I’m going to postulate that ET arrived to our green and pleasant lands in the baffling, yet brilliant, Firefly Vehicle from Geospace Studio above. ET obviously had a bit of penchant for bicycles but wasn’t an idiot so was obviously aware that he’d need some sort of cloaking device so that people weren’t all like “Errrrrm, is that an alien on that bike…?“. But, truth be told, the Firefly probably wasn’t the most surreptitious of vehicles for ET to chose so it wasn’t altogether surprising that he was discovered by the federales. He blatantly should have got a driving ban though because he crashed the shit out of it and that’s why they came and picked him up in the fancy Dan spaceship at the end of the film.

Firefly bike

I always take a canister of dry ice with me and let it off when I open the top for the sci-fi dramatic effect.

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