Flying Car from Volkswagen

Volkswagen Hover Car

Volkswagen clearly think that we’re resting on our laurels when it comes to driving and that we’ve become too comfortable and think driving is a piece of piss. Resultantly, they’ve decided to release a concept of their latest brainchild – namely a flying pod gizmo that will make those pesky three-point turns a thing of the past. The Volkswagen Flying Car is capable of some truly impressive feats including the following:

  • Giving Gravity the Rods
  • Millenium Falcon-esque Light Speed Capabilities
  • Bird Shit Resistant Glass Coating
  • On-Board Toaster
  • Heat-Seeking Missiles (Optional)
  • Mind Control Steering
  • Zero Doors
  • Balcony on Rear

Volkswagen are clearly upping their game with this magic car and it is likely to cost more than a day trip to the moon to buy one (but you’ll be able to cruise there yourself with this vehicle so that’s no biggie). You can take a look at the Volkswagen Flying Car in action HERE.

Volkswagen Hover Car

If the car can fly, why still drive it on the road? Get up in the skies and race eagles and that.

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