Full Size Racing Car Simulator


Given that I failed my driving test four times for reasons including but not limited to stopping at a green light for an inordinate amount of time, performing potentially the most inaccurate and slowest reverse park in human history and failing to get off a roundabout for about fifteen minutes, I perhaps shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel of a Formula 1 race car. This is something that I am inclined to agree with because in addition to the aforementioned driving test faux pas, I also crashed my car into car into my office, reversed through a hedge and know very few (Read: none) of the highway code regulations. However, as they say, practice makes perfect, so I’ll be investing my savings in this, frankly brilliant, Full Size Racing Car Simulator that will let me test my mettle in the computer arena before wreaking havoc in Monaco, Monza and that.

Update: I got in beef with Lewis Hamilton when he said I was shit at parallel parking. It’s true but you can’t show weakness on the F1 circuit.

Full Size Formula 1 High End Racing Car Simulator by FMCG International

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom.

Officer: You been drinking, son?

Me: Yeah, but…

Officer: Save it for the prison, pretty boy.

I then proceeded to speed off from the officer. He could walk BLOODY quick because I was going like 200MPH.

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