Takayanagi Miluira Retro Electric Vehicle

electric car

I don’t know about you but few things rile me more than almost getting run over by the elderly as they razz around on the pavements (sidewalks, for those of an American disposition) on their mobility scooters and flip me the bird whilst bemoaning the “youth of today”. I obviously don’t begrudge the elderly a mode of transportation and, in their defense, I’m pretty fat and take up most of the pavement so circumnavigating my frame would, I assume, be largely akin to overtaking an 18-wheeler on the motorway. But, whatever, I’m sick of having to look where I’m going when I’m walking around and that and I’m also in the market for a new vehicle which is why I’ve got my beady eye on the rather awesome Takayanagi Miluira Retro Electric Vehicle pictured above. Safe to say, it boasts the sort of regality I demand from my transport (having previously gotten around on a swan. Is gotten a word?) and will have the OAPs grumbling under their breath when I beat them in the inevitable drag races that will ensue.

Update: I wrapped my Takayanagi Miluira Retro Electric Vehicle around a tree. The elderly were far from sympathetic / helpful in aiding me. Just congregated and besmirched my driving capabilities.


Safe to say, the hood ornament didn’t last long given the neighbourhood in which I reside.

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