3-in-1 Breakfast Machine

3 in 1 Breakfast Machine

So, I was speaking to an interior designer the other day and I was all like “If I build a house – does it need a kitchen?” and he was all like “Yeah, I think so. Let me check. Oi, Dan!” then Dan said “Yeah, I think so” and then the first guy, who was called James, said “Yeah, it looks like kitchens are necessary”. And then I was all like “Hi, dad, yeah I asked them. They said kitchens are necessary”. Anyway, long story short, imagine my exceptional anger when I stumbled across the 3-in-1 Breakfast Machine from Nostalgia today and realised that, after all, kitchens are NOT a requirement when building my house (I’m on Grand Designs next year – keep an eye out for it. It’s the episode with the house with no kitchen). There is literally (I love misusing that word) no culinary delight which I couldn’t whip up on this bad boy and the fact I can plug it in next to my sofa really does make it the dream ticket. I’ve reserved the space in my house where my kitchen would have been for a Brew Cave.

Nostalgic breakfast

Luckily, I plan to have marble surfaces throughout my new home despite them normally being reserved for the kitchen.

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