3D Drawing Book

3D Drawing PadOK, so, I was watching that film Avatar the other day and I also remember reading that 3D films were supposed to be the next big thing, so I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon with the awesome 3D Drawing Book from Think Geek. I’m currently fervently scribbling my story board for my Hollywood blockbuster which, I’m pretty sure, is going to be a pretty huge deal. The title of my opus is “Savatars” – it’s about these big green aliens from a planet called Sandora and they’ve got a shit-load of sand or something that us Earth folk want. We go to the planet and steal it and that. And then the lead character falls in love with the main alien woman. I reckon its got a pretty good chance of Oscars. Oh, and it’s got a dinosaur in it.

3D Pad

So, I pitched it to Hollywood. I’m currently writing this post from small claims court because those big-wigs over at Fox Studios said it was too similar to some shit called Avatar.

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