Abominable Snowman Ice Tray

Abominable Snow Man Ice Tray

As I’m essentially a man-child with the attention span of an eight year old, I tend to love utterly useless things that look amazing and that, sir, is why I am currently swooning over this outrageously brilliant Abominable Snow Man Ice Tray. What’s not to like about having a frozen man-ape hybrid in your drink? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. Yeti’s may well be elusive but that’s because they’ve been over-fished (over-yetied?) by hunters because manufacturers pay a pretty penny for live Yeti’s to use in their ice tray moulds. Now, I’m a Guinness man me, so ice cubes are lost on me for the most part because it’s difficult to see anything in that delicious swampy concoction but, on weekdays, when I’m on the pints of straight vodka, these Abominable Snowman Ice Cubes will definitely hit the spot.

Abominable Ice

Oh yeah, I love pink lemonade too. No biggie.

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