Animal Head Staplers

Lion StaplerLions are, unequivocally, the king of the jungle. Wait, are lions jungled based? Is it bears that are king of the jungle? Either way, lions are bad-ass and they strike the fear of god into most things that they encounter. Not me though – me and lions have got an understanding. I’ve noticed that the paper in our office has been getting right larey of late, with some sheets deeming themselves too good for the recycle bin and others getting all shirty and that when I draw penises so artistically upon them (which, I suppose, is a bit of a kick in the face for the tree that birthed the paper – I dare say it had higher hopes than ending up in a London office with a penis on it before winding up in the non-recycle bin). I’m not sure how I’ve ended up going off on this tangent when all I meant to say was that I was going to stop the paper in the office being so dickish by introducing it to this brilliant Lion Head Stapler and taking it down a peg or two.

Bear Stapler

The bear stapler looks all tough and that but got a paper cut first day on the job. Still off sick, two weeks later.

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