Animated Banksy Artwork

Banksy Rat Image

Don’t get me wrong, I like Banksy’s art as much as the next man but I went to a school called Lady Manners (no jokes) and our motto was Pour Y Parvenir which means “Strive to Attain”. And, whilst Banksy artwork is clearly great, everything has room for improvement – enter these brilliant Animated Banksy Pieces from AVBH which will give a bit of life to some of the Bristolian’s most famous pieces of artwork. I am a man completely lacking in imagination so if I see a piece of artwork, I will utterly fail to comprehend the meaning without any moving parts, which is why television is the perfect medium for me, but now that I can see Banksy’s artwork in motion, I can finally understand the message that he was trying to convey. Rats should be playing in the NBA, right? Some sort of discrimination message?

Snoopy Banksy

Thinking about yourself again, Snoopy? Bit egotistical, no?

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