Ant Eater Vacuum

Ant Eater Vacuum Cleaner

Like most men and all dogs, I hate vacuum cleaners because a] they represent manual labour and b] they make an incredibly annoying noise. However, my hatred stems from a time before I knew things like the awesome Ant Eater Vacuum Cleaner existed and, safe to say, now that I’ve been aware of this sucker’s (get it?) existence then there’s nothing I like more than a good old vacuum. Given that this device is a product of National Geographic, I do have some concerns that it is endeavouring to make me learn in some way or other but, fortunately, my level of ignorance is unparalleled so any life lessons it is trying to impart will inevitably go right over my head. A prime example of this is probably exhibited by the fact that I’ve predominantly been using my Ant Eater Vacuum to suck up Rice Krispies, lobbing some milk in there and using it as a cereal bowl.


Doubles as an Ant Eater Boomerang.

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