Aqua Golf Set

Aqua Golf

I face many challenges in my life. Being so devilishly witty and visually stunning so as to provoke jealousy in others, having an colossal intellect that makes lesser brains feel inferior and being naturally gifted in every sport known to man which makes it difficult to choose a sport to play professionally. These are all obstacles which I’ve battled throughout my entire adult life and I think this shows my fighting spirit. And this is why I’ve decided to invest in this awesome Aqua Golf Set which I intend to own despite not possessing a backyard swimming pool and being bloody awful at golf (which may seem an affront to my previous my statement of being amazing at every sport but I, sir, do not consider golf a sport). I remember watching the Ryder Cup or some shit and seeing Darren Clarke downing a pint of Guinness on the 18th green and coming to realise there and then that golf is a sport I can get on board with.

Golf grass

If you’re a pool-less pauper like me then you can just toss your Aqua Golf Set on the grass and gently sob to yourself about your lack of pool.

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