Art Cameras

armadillo camera

As we’re all well aware (I assume), road kill is pretty gross. It doesn’t really serve much of a purpose apart from distracting me whilst I drive as I play the guessing game as to what the mangled creature with Pirelli tyre print across it used to be. It’s a much more fun, but considerably more macabre, game than the perennial car favourite “I-Spy”. It has come to light, however, that I am an incredibly narrow-minded and short sighted individual (I was already well aware of this) because a pair of Swiss artists have found a rather impressive use for the aforementioned road kill in the form of these rather eye-catching Art Cameras – which are crafted from all manner of unusual objects, including the armadillo pictured above. I bet he doesn’t quite agree with the Gladiator quote of “what we do in life echoes an eternity” (or whatever) given the undignified final pose in which he has been captured. Whilst this camera is far from pocket sized and will scare the shit out of the kids at their birthday parties, I’m more than prepared to be ostracised by my peers if it means that I can have a camera made out of an armadillo.

Update: I tried to make a camera out of a messed up badger I found on the road. The poor state of the subject, my complete lack of knowledge in anything photography related and shoddy worksmanship combined to make the final picture quality on my Badger-Cam very poor, to say the least.

turtle camera

This turtle isn’t dead, just hibernating. He’s is going to be pisssssssed when he wakes up.

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