Assemblage Art Robot Lamp

Assemblage Art Robot Lamp

There is nothing I like more than a shoddily constructed robot and when it has a skill to bring to the table, my respect level goes through the roof. Enter the Assemblage Art Robot Lamp.┬áIf the lamp is willing to put up with me constantly asking what his bright idea is, then I think he and I will get on like a house on fire. Crafted from bicycle chains, springs and aluminium, he’s not going to win any beauty contests and has a dead-eyed stare which will freak you out when you wake up in the morning and see him looking at your from your bedside table. These foibles aside, I’d certainly give this little chap a home and, if he’s lucky, I’d find a nice looking blender for him to date.

Assemblage lamp back

It wasn’t facing that way when I went to bed.


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