Astronaut Smartphone Stand

Astronaut Smartphone Stand

I care a great deal about the happiness of my iPhone. He introduced me to Angry Birds after all (which, I assume, is akin to introducing someone to their future wife) so I’ve got a lot to thank him for. As such, I wanted to give him somewhere awesome to hang out when I wasn’t using him i.e. whilst asleep and incapable of playing Angry Birds. As such, I opted for the utterly brilliant Astronaut iPhone Stand which will make my phone feel like a bit of a big-shot because, as we all know, astronauts are better people than you an I. Except, perhaps, that female astronaut who went rogue and try to kidnap a bunch of people or something. It would be one small step for my iphone but one giant leap for my, errrrrrm, sense of self-satisfaction if I were to own this Astronaut iPhone Stand so, NASA, make it so (I know that’s a Star Trek reference so do one).


Astronaut: Houston?

Houston: Yeah? What?

Astronaut: We have a problem…

Houston: Oh yeah? Go on…

Astronaut: Yeah, so, I think that the moon has got army men on it.

Houston: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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