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Auna Wireless

Though you may not know it to look at me (or listen to me trying to be funny), I’m a pretty big deal on the stand-up comedy circuit and after a rocky start, which entailed being chased out of a venue by a group of women’s right activists that I’d managed to irk with my “Your momma’s so fat….” jokes, I’ve actually gone from strength to strength and have even been booked to appear in venues with capacities for in excess of ten people. Resultantly, I’m going to need to ramp up my comedic professionalism and use the sorts of technology associated with the likes of Carr, McIntyre and Kay. I’ve decided to get my comedy gold hands on one of these brilliant Auna Wireless Microphones from HiFi-Tower which will let me project my fantastic jokes to a much wider audience than the two or three that I’m use to with their 100m range capabilities. And taking my comedy mobile is much more likely to see me hit the mainstream in no time. Picture the scene if you will – flick the switch on my wireless microphone and….:

Me: Hey you!

Person on the Pavement I’m Shouting at Out my Window: Yeah, what?

Me: Your momma’s so fat, when she jumped in the air, she got stuck….

Person on the Pavement I’m Shouting at Out my Window: You, sir, are a gem and I very much care for your brand of comedy.

Me: Thank you, squire. Tell your peers what you have seen here today.

Person on the Pavement I’m Shouting at Out my Window: I surely will.

* 5  minutes elapses *

* Knock on door *

* Opens door *

Person on the Pavement I’m Shouting at Out my Window: [SHOUTING ANGRILY] MY MOTHER IS A SAINT!!!

* Punch to face *

Yeah, I’ve definitely gone a bit of the rails on this post.

Auna Wireless Microphones

The day my wireless microphone arrived AKA the day that comedy died.

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