The Last Bar Fighter Arcade Machine

Last Bar Fighter Arcade

I knew that perfecting my Streetfighter special move combos fifteen years ago would eventually pay off because the next time I end up in a bar with one of these brilliant The Last Barfighter Arcade Machines, I’m going to get smashed and the unlucky soul who I’m demolishing on Streetfighter will be the designated driver for sho. Permit me to elaborate – unlike most other arcade machines which, to be fair, are typically found in areas populated by spotty teens as opposed to¬†booze-hounds¬†like my good self, The Last Bar Fighter Arcade rewards the winner of each bout with a freshly poured pint from the dispenser below and mugs off the loser with a pint of gross water AKA “Wimp-Juice”. This is, quite frankly, the fairest way of determining who should be the designated driver on any given occasion and, due to just how fair it, those justice-mongers over at the Hague have got one in the lobby*.

* Potentially / almost certainly untrue.

Last Bar Fighter Machine

Get used to the blue cup, suckers!

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