Battleships Drinking Game

Battleship Drinking Game

As we’re all well aware, Battleships is boring as shit and, like the vast majority of board games (i.e. all of them), it can be improved significantly via the addition of alcohol into the mix. Say hello to the Battleships Drinking Game. This mind-bogglingly brilliant (yet devilishly simple) twist on the tedious original will definitely make you want to play more than the obligatory one game before packing it in (or, in my case, lying about whether the opponent hit my ships or not just to speed things up). I’m loving the fact that pretty much every square has seen a shot take residence upon it and for an extra incentive, I’d recommend having a dirty pint alongside your board for each wayward missile shot you take. Vom-tastic!


I’m liking the 1 in 3 chances of drinking each go.

C5 – You sank my, errrrrr, liver.

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