Bear Grylls Canteen


I remember seeing Bear Grylls dossing about on a mountain with everyone’s favourite funny-man, Will Ferrell, drinking his own piss and eating some truly ungodly stuff and I remember thinking that he’s a pretty good egg and, should I find myself in a situation where I need to pit myself again nature and harsh terrains, I will curl up in a ball and die take tips from the Bear. Well, needless to say, Bear doesn’t survive on a diet of piss and snake guts alone. No, sir, this would be unthinkable. He also requires a regular supply of liquid (other than piss) and I assume his liquid of choice will be, if he’s a good a lad that I think he is, Guinness. And he’ll need a receptacle for said Guinness and he’s got a pretty impressive and robust looking one in the form of this brilliant Bear Grylls Canteen. So, the next time I get drunk (I’m already drunk) and miss my last train home, I’ll make sure that I’ve got my Guinness / piss filled Bear Grylls Canteen to see me through the night.


I’ll need protection from coyotes and that who will clearly be after my piss canteen.

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