Beeloved Honey


I used to bloody love honey but then there was some unpleasantness with Winnie the Pooh at a social function that we both attended and it sort of soured my love of honey a little. Whilst I signed a disclaimer that the Pooh camp insisted upon that said I wouldn’t talk about what happened that fateful day, safe to say, honey never appealed to me quite as much following the eye-opening experience. I’ll leave it to your own imaginations as to what transpired – that way you can’t blame me for besmirching your love of Winnie the Pooh and, to a lesser extent, Tigger (he knows why) – and, truth be told, I never thought I’d look at honey in the same way again. But then I happened across this bloody brilliant BeeLoved Honey and, as if by magic, I forgot what Winnie the Pooh had done in the past and had found a new companion for my toast in the morning. I’m not going to lie, I fucking hate honey. But I love awesome designs that look all fancy and that so I’ve definitely got a soft spot for this awesome packing and I’m fairly confident that Pooh won’t be able to get his thieving paws in this jazzily shaped jar. In your face, Pooh.

beloved honey

Damn you, Pooh!

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