I’m quite conscious that approximately 85-90% of the posts that I write on That Should Be Mine relate to beer in some manner or other. I apologise for this and would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that I’m taking steps to improve the situation as soon as possible. It should be up to the 95% mark soon – with the intention of making it 100% mark by summertime (not literally – I just haven’t got it in me to stop writing about things like the Pilush). So, anyway, here’s another post about beer. I’m not one to go in for fads like all that Pantone shit. Who cares what colour you paint walls and that? Not me. Beertone, you say? I’m listening. So, basically, there’s this awesome Beertone colour reference chart that will let you pick your beer judged on its colour and will give you an indication of its characteristics and that. Given that I almost exclusively drink Guinness (except where there is no Guinness) this Beertone chart will be of limited use to me.

Update: I just painted my flat a lovely shade of beer.

Beertone bottles

It all ends the same colour in the end. Vomit colour.

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