BIORB Flow Aquarium


I’m not the sort of fellow that gets stressed. I’m laid back to the point of being horizontal and whilst this leads to a complete lack of stress on my part, I’ve often noticed that my laxidazical attitude serves the purpose of enraging those around me – such as work colleagues. So, whilst most people surround themselves with objects at work which help deal with their own stress levels, I, on the other hand, plonk objects on my desk to help prevent people getting irate at how stress-free I am.

After a colleague recently threw the puppy I bought to work out the window in a fit of rage at my laid back persona, I’m now in the market for a new stress-relieving object and I think I’ve got just the thing with this excellent BiOrb Flow Aquarium which measures just 15 inches by 10 inches and is purpose built to be used on desks as it is lightweight, resilient and uses very little power to run the filter.

Now, the manufacturers of this top notch aquarium suggest the keeping of shrimp and small fish in there but I’m not one to be constrained by regulations and, against all advice, I managed to cram a couple of king crabs, a piranha, a couple of sea-horses and a Nemo-esque clown fish in there. It was like Lord of the Flies, truth be told. Nemo emeged victorious. He was a vicious little shit.


Mine was not adorned so impressively. Just tossed kebab remnants in there and that.

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