Blackbox Bamboo iPad Case

Blackbox Bamboo Case

If you own technology of any description, it is your responsibility to dress it nicely and you will be hard-pressed to find a better coat for your iPad or Macbook than that of the Blackbox Bamboo Case which is a particularly impressive construct from the unusual choice of bamboo. Your device will certainly be the smartest dressed in the office. Offering a toughened, hardened shell for your iPad or Mac, you will be turtlefying the shit out of it and basically will have free rein to drop it from heights in excess of 1000m and you won’t get a single scratch on your device.

Point to Note: This is patently untrue and will result in both a broken Blackbox Bamboo Case and iPad.

Blackbox Case

I left my bamboo case lying around and a bunch of fucking pandas ate my iPad. Get it? Because of the bamboo? Whatever.

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