Breaking Bad LEGO Set

break bad

Truth be told, I don’t watch Breaking Bad, cook crystal meth in my bathtub or play with LEGO (as much) and, yet, I am inextricably drawn to this awesome Breaking Bad LEGO Set and, quite frankly, probably want it more than a smackhead wants his meth.

I’ve completely missed the boat regarding the Breaking Bad television series despite people repeatedly telling me how good it is and I admit the appeal of seeing Hal from Malcolm in the Middle being a bit of an evil bastard definitely sounds like something that I should be watching.

However, I’m one of thse people who can’t really watch a series if I didn’t get in on the ground floor so, instead of sucking it up and buying the Breaking Bad boxset, I’m just going to recreate what I think probably happened with this awesome Breaking Bad LEGO Set:

SCENE 1 – Internal (CARAVAN) – DAY:

HAL: [EXHASPERATED] Dewey?! What the hell are you doing here?

DEWEY: [WHIPS OUT PISTOL] Give me all the meth, old man!

HAL: [SHAKES HEAD RUEFULLY] I always thought it would be Reese…

breaking bad lego

That’s honey right, Hal? Lois is going to go bat-shit if it is.

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