Brew 2 Go Beer Receptacle

Brew 2 go

I drink a lot of beer. Needless to say, this has impacted upon my co-ordination skills and general levels of grace and nimbleness around the bar. Basically, what I’m saying is that, if you give me a pint and I’ve already exceeded my co-ordinatory (new word) limit, then there is a very large likelihood that I will end up spilling around 45-50% of this new pint.

Waste, when it comes to beer, is something that I simply cannot countenance and, in the past when spilling beer on the table or, heaven forbid, the floor, I would have to bust out the emergency straw and get to work on hoovering that delicious nectar up – no beer left behind as they say (by “they” I mean bar-flies).

Well, you can only imagine the unbridaled delight that swept over me when I came across this genuinely life-changing Brew 2 Go Non-Spill Beer Receptacle. No longer will peanut shells, fag-ends and pork scratching remnants be hoovered up on my endeavours to rescue errant beer. No matter how inebriated (Read: annoying dickhead) I become, my brewsky will remain intact courtesy of this top notch invention which, for all intents and purposes, is a sippy cup for booze hounds.

brew to go top

Gravity can’t hurt you anymore, beer.

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