Brooklyn Brine Whisky Sour Pickles

Brooklyn Brine Whisky Sour Pickles

Not going to lie, I bloody hate pickles and whisky has not been my friend in the past but the moment I set eyes on these brilliant Brooklyn Brine Whisky Sour Pickles, it was largely akin to an epiphany and I saw the error of my ways. Needless to say, I got smashed on a single jar of pickles and ended up in a moderate-madcap P-Hole (or, indeed, in a bit of a pickle. Hahaha. I’m priceless) but this is more the fault of my lack of experience with alcohol addled pickles than any blame to be apportioned to the creators of this delicious snack. ┬áThere are very few items of the pickled variety that I’ve been won over by but, when you throw alcohol into the mix with more or less anything, I’ll be interested, so the good folks at Brooklyn Brine have definitely got me sitting up and taking notice with their Whisky Sour variety of the vegetable(?). I’m not a fan of having shit floating about in my food (after a rather unfortunate restaurant visit in the past) but when it looks all fancy and retro and that, such is the case here, it is a cross that I’m willing to bear.

Update: I went on a pickle bender and woke up in a farmer’s pickle field trying to snort pickles. And, in a scene reminiscent of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, thought I was in Sheepdog Country with the law on my tail. When, in actuality, I was in Somerset.

Brooklyn Pickles

Looks like something out of The Walking Dead. Which, I’m sure, is exactly the look the chaps who make it were after.

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