Build On Brick LEGO Mug

Lego MugI am, for all intents and purposes, possibly one of the most immature grown men alive. Whilst, this may sound like a curse, it is, in fact, a blessing because it means I can drink my Horlicks from awesome recepticles like the Build On Brick LEGO Mug above. Any mug that gives me the opportunity to build a Millenium Falcon where the handle should be is alright in my book. Needless to say, I have no qualms about horrifically scalding my face by drinking from a vessel that has all manner of LEGO figures protuding from the rim which essentially makes it an obstacle course to my drinking endeavours and will permit the red-hot contents free reign over my face. Safe to say, I have, as per normal, taken things a step too far and have constructed a mug so vast that it can, in fact, be seen from space. I’ve provisionally monikered it LEGOLAS (do one LOTR legal team) GARGANTUAS which, admittedly, needs work.

Lego Mug 1

So, I made my coffee of the “Irish” variety and my LEGO mug crashed into a potted plant and wrote itself off. Twat. Because it was drunk. Get it? Witty, no?

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