The Bunkie

Bunkie Exterior

Whilst I patently cannot afford a house, I do hold out hope of, one day perhaps, being able to afford something that at least¬†resembles¬†a house and that, sir, is why I am currently stockpiling my collection of pennies in the hope that they will be sufficient for the deposit on one of these, frankly brilliant, The Bunkie buildings. Luckily, I have no privacy concerns – I’ve got nothing to hide (except my stash of stolen goods) – so I don’t have a massive issue with the apparent complete transparency of this awesome dwelling. It will, if nothing else, give me an awesome view of my car park until the council come knocking and ask me what I’m doing – to which I’ll inevitably respond “Just chillin’ in The Bunkie” – which I’m sure will placate the dicks at the council. Ideally speaking, The Bunkie would be my Fortress of Solitude (Read: Guinness Consumption Party Palace) in the grounds of my palatial mansion but truth be told, it’s much more likely to be my first home. So, it’s good thing it’s bloody brilliant.

Update: Got done for indecent exposure for sleeping in the nude. Council bulldozed it the next day. Bad times.

Bunkie Exterior

No toilet but I’ve got a corner of The Bunkie dedicated to that. Stay out of the corners if you come visit.

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