Cardboard Foosball Table

Cardboard Foosball

DIY and I do not get along. I don’t have one of those analytical brains that can figure which screw goes where or what shit like an alan (allen?) key does. This admittedly doesn’t reflect very well on me and I can, in complete honesty, say that I don’t think I’ve ever put anything together that a] hasn’t fallen into disrepair within the hour or b] been completely unfit for purpose due to shoddy workmanship. I’ve come to the conclusion that my complete lack of capability at DIY is as a result of not being a carpenter and wood not being my medium. As such, I expect much better luck when I have a bash at making this frankly awesome Cardboard Foosball Table. The fact that the box that is sent to you is basically the table itself with a few mild modifications leaves little room for error on my part during the construction phase. You would think.

Update: I couldn’t turn the box into a foosball table. It’s a pretty bitching fort now though so swings and roundabouts.

Cardboard Foosball table

The original reason I fell in love with this table may be coming to light…

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