Channel 4 News Team Mug

channel 4 news mug

Ron Burgundy is somewhat of a benchmark to which I wish to aspire in terms of hairiness of chest, turn of phrase and cologne choosing capabilities. Alas, however, after an ill-fated stint as anchoron Newsround, whereby I swore repeatedly, guzzled Guinness on-camera and called a baby kangaroo a “bouncing douche-bag”, it soon became apparent that I am more suited to a life behind the camera. Or, perhaps more accurately according to what the restraining order says, “not within 500ft of any building that contains recording equipment and / or carries out live news broadcasts”.

To be honest, I think this was a little harsh given that my episode on Newsround delivered record numbers for them – albeit said numbers were based on a chart called “Complaints” but that is completely by the by. Anyway, I have pined for my flat to smell of rich mahogony for far too long now and haved decided to set the wheels into motion to help facilitate this. Given I’m not allowed near any TV studios (for another two years, at least), I’ve decided that ownership of this awesome Channel 4 News Team Mug may be sufficient to give the illusion that I, like Brick and Brian Fantana, am a member of Ron Burgundy’s posse and, quite honestly, nothing would make me happier.

san diego

OK, so, admittedly, this message on the bottom of the mug made me happier.

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