Charlie Brown Flask

Charlie Brown Yello

It is a common misconception for outside observers to look at Charlie Brown and think that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. I, however, know this to be untrue having formed part of his 12-strong entourage and “rolled deep” (did I use that right?) with him back in the day. I saw behind the velvet curtain and was privy to the countless piss-ups with Peanuts, the hours spent on Baltimore street corners looking for his latest fix and his shameless womanising ways – his on-screen girlfriend merely being a front. He was running with the Hollywood legends like River Phoenix and Macauley Cullkin during the 80’s and 90’s and, as his skivvy, I lost count of the number of times I picked him up from the Viper Rooms and whatever japes he and Culkin would get up to. Anyway, Charlie (a VERY suitable name for him just FYI) Brown inevitably burnt himself out and found himself on the Hollywood scrapheap. He has, however, managed to carve a career for himself by turning his hand to the only thing he ever truly loved – alcohol. These brilliant Charlie Brown Flasks by DrinkingBuddy serve as a timeless reminder of his wild days and let us drink from a vessel which looks like his iconic jumper from the cartoon – which he knitted himself whilst off his tits on magic mushrooms.

Charlie Brown blue

Interesting Charlie Brown fact: If you saw him in the blue jumper, it meant he was in the midst of a heroin binge.

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