Chick-a-Dee Smoke Detector

Chickadee Smoke Detector

As a man who loves chips, I live in a world whereby chip pan fires are an ever-present danger. The number of times I’ve set off a smoke detector with my cooking is unreasonably high and few things anger me greater than the horrendous squall of the alarm as it becomes overrun with smoke – although I can have no complaints about the noise to be honest because I’m normally trying to twat it with a broom.  I’d make a racket too if someone was hitting me with a broom (especially if I was doing them a favour at the time). However, I think I may be able to mend my smoke related anger issues with the cracking Chick-a-Dee Smoke Alarms which will help mellow me out with a bird-call (I assume) when the smoke has become a nuisance and their bird brains have deemed it sufficient to raise the alarm.

Chickadee smoke detector

You can Tweet you smoke alarm if you’re missing him when you’re at work. Get it? Because it looks like the Twitter bird. Yeah, so, don’t tweet him. Waste of bandwidth.

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