It is a common misconception that us Brits love nothing more than a warm beer. This, I can confirm as a perennial boozer and bar-fly, is a complete and utter fallacy. I love a nice cold beer me and few things wind me up more than a beer going warm. Fortunately, this is a problem that I seldom encounter as I hate to see a beer being a lazy dickhead, sitting around doing nothing and will invariably drink the amber nectar seconds after it has made contact with the pint glass and, on a couple of pub-barring occasions, directly from the pump behind the bar. Anyhow, what I’m saying is that wouldn’t it be lovely if there was some sort of witchcraft that could help keep your suds cold from first sip to last? Well, prepare to have your mind blown (if you have a small, beer-focused mind like me and you’re easily impressed) by this awesome little device that goes by the name of Chillsner. I’m used to going to the hospital with foreign bodies that are in requirement of extraction – nothing weird, just hamsters and that – so the doctor won’t be surprised to see me when I, inevitably, accidently swallow my Chillsner.


If you didn’t know what the Chillsner was when you order your beer at the bar, pretty sure you’d be a little disconcerted when the barman hands you it.

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