Chocolate Bees

Chocolate BeesBees are the Dons of the sky. They’re all furry and that. They’ve got a stinger but it kills them to use it. Rock ‘n’ Roll. So, if I were to eat a chocolate representation of an insect, it would unequivocally be a bee. These John & Kira chocolate bees look delicious and whilst their realism may be called into question, I for one would have no qualms about eating a whole box of bees. If you’re a chocolate afficionado and have a penchant for bees, you’ve got everything under one roof with this – the only slight sticking point might be the price. A box of these bees is likely to set you back in excess of £30 so, if you have the hunter gatherer instinct i.e. a knack for catching bees, it may be cheaper (but grosser) to catch some yourself and bust out the Nutella (please don’t do this).

Choco BeesTis but a flesh wound, bee.

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